Zeke Leaps the Competition?

Ezekiel Elliott 9-13-14

Earlier this week, ESPN did a story arguing that Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott should be considered just as much of a Heisman candidate as LSU’s running back Leonard Fournette.

Reporter KC Joyner reasoned that, when you include all yards from scrimmage, the production of the two players is nearly identical. And they are also comparable when it comes to big plays.

We at 97.1 The Fan would also like to point out the following…

  • The defenses Fournette has faced are giving up an average of 191.1 rushing yards/game. The defenses Elliott has faced are giving up an average of 172.5 rushing yards/game.
  • Fournette has 56 more rushing yards against the three worst run defenses he’s encountered than his combined total against the three best. Elliott, on the other hand, has done better against better opponents. He’s rushed for 36 more yards against the three best run defenses he’s faced than against the three worst.
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