A Former Buckeye Looks Forward

Like many former Buckeyes, Adam Griffin watched Ohio State play in the Fiesta Bowl. In fact, he was there, at University of Phoenix Stadium, when OSU lost to Clemson 31-0.

He, like many Buckeyes, was frustrated by the loss, but unlike many, he immediately saw a bright side.


“It’s not as much what I saw in the 31-0 loss, but what I’ve seen all season. I’ve seen the flashes all year long,” Griffin said in explaining his optimism for 2017.

Griffin had one more interesting prediction that he made right in the shadow of Ohio State’s defeat. He called for former Indiana coach Kevin Wilson to join the OSU coaching staff.

“I think that we play best when we have fast tempo, so I think that coach Meyer was really looking for a guy to have consistent tempo, and one that is pretty innovative in the spread offense.”

Hear more of what Griffin had to say here…

*Note: This interview was recorded before Ohio State had officially announced Wilson’s hire.

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