Hockey players have a tradition of offering extra financial incentives for big plays in big games. It’s called putting “money on the board.”

You might, for instance, offer to pay a bounty for a goal against your former team. You might open your wallet when facing a heated rival. You might even offer a little extra to help break out of a slump.

During a particularly dreadful stretch of Blue Jackets hockey in 2010, the club’s fans tried to inspire the team by putting their money on the board. The effort was modestly successful.

The very next season, however, Columbus was again struggling, and fans again mounted a campaign.

They raised thousands.

The effort caught national attention. Players matched the money fans had pledged. Other team’s fans attempted to copy the feat.

Merle Madrid may have been familiar with this history when he proposed a playoff version of this: #MoneyOnTheBeard.

Although, their postseason run was brief, Blue Jackets fans have promised (or already donated) $866 dollars to local charities in honor of a 5-4 victory over the Penguins in game four.

Had they won it all, that number would have ballooned to at least $11,750. (And that’s at the low end, because some fans were also giving money for certain plays, like Sergei Bobrovsky saves or Brandon Dubinsky hits.)

While that’s impressive, it’s even more impressive when you consider #MoneyOnTheBeard, like the Blue Jackets organization itself, may just be building.

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