Coach’s Show Recap 9-7-17

Photo: Urban Meyer / Courtesy: 97.1 The Fan


Urban Meyer ‘s Buckeyes are looking for a big win against Oklahoma on Saturday. He previewed that 7:30 p.m. home opener on his weekly show.  

Meyer opened by saying one of the lessons the Buckeyes learned from their loss to Virginia Tech in 2014 was that, when a team plays an overmatched opponent in the opener, you should throw out that game tape when doing your scouting. So the film of Oklahoma routing UTEP is definitely in a trash can somewhere.

Running back Mike Weber is ready to return from his hamstring injury. “To say he’s going to have so many carries,” Meyer said, “you know, we have no idea. J.K. [Dobbins] will start, and then we’ll see as we move forward.”

• Praising the adjustments made by coordinator Greg Schiano and the rest of the defensive staff against Indiana, Meyer observed: “We are a press-man team. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t need some alternatives as the game goes.”

Meyer was especially effusive when describing the game of Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, calling him the best in recent memory at making something out of nothing.

Meyer said Tate Martell has done a “marvelous” job imitating Mayfield for Ohio State’s scout team this week.

He lavished compliments on several Buckeye wide receivers, but especially notable might be what he said about Austin Mack: “He’s been as good a receiver as we’ve had at practice.”

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