Meyer Meets The Media On Mondays: Army

Photo: Urban Meyer / Courtesy: 97.1 The Fan


Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer spoke to reporters in order to assess what went wrong in Saturday’s 31-16 loss to the Oklahoma Sooners and look ahead to their upcoming game against Army. Among the topics he covered during his time with the media…

Meyer’s usual routine is to start his press conference by announcing which players won team honors for the prior week’s game. Notably, he did not do that today. Instead, he gave a brief, minute-long statement. After losing to a good team, he said, “You go from devastated, to crushed, to [peeved], and then you’ve got to move forward.” They are just at the point, he added, where they are trying to move forward.

Meyer said he is able to intervene in the play-calling during the course of a game if he senses things aren’t going the way he wants them do. He stipulated there are some limits to this.

• “The secondary did not play very well.”

Quarterback JT Barrett is still the starting quarterback. He “has to play better,” Meyer acknowledged. However, he also said, “Any decisions about any personnel is strictly who gives us the best opportunity to win whether it be right guard or quarterback. Right now, it’s not even a question.”

Meyer is aware and has addressed this tweet from Ohio State recruit Micah Parsons, calling for a quarterback change. (Parsons has since apologized.)

 Barrett pointed to the amount of time he’s been facing man coverage in practice as one reason OSU’s passing game has struggled. Meyer conceded that they might need to work more on facing zone coverage.

Receiver Austin Mack hit his head on the turf Saturday making a fantastic 31-yard catch. He missed the rest of the game, but is considered probable against Army.

• Coordinator Kevin Wilson’s job, according to Meyer, is to enhance the Ohio State offense, and make it better. That’s another way of saying that the underlying offensive scheme is still the one Meyer brought to Columbus.

• Later Meyer was also asked about his offensive scheme and whether it was still effective against top ranked competition. Meyer admitted that, “The evolution of defenses is constant.” So the evaluation of his offense must be constant, too.

Meyer assured fans that his players feel an urgency to clean things up, even though after Saturday’s loss they were saying they were just “inches” away from being where they want to be.

You can hear Meyer’s comments here:

The video of today’s press conference is here.

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