Coach’s Show Recap 10-12-17

Photo: Urban Meyer / Courtesy: 97.1 The Fan


Urban Meyer ‘s Buckeyes are playing another road, night game this week as they travel to Nebraska on Saturday. Meyer previewed that 7:30 p.m. game on his weekly show. Other topics he touched on… 

• Meyer started by promising adjustments to Ohio State’s kickoff coverage units, not necessarily personnel, because players are working hard, but in strategy.

When it comes to the defensive line, Meyer says he interferes as little as possible. After all, Larry Johnson is a great position coach. However, Meyer does monitor the number of snaps some of the linemen get. He does not want players like Nick Bosa to be shorted.

•  Running back Demario McCall still isn’t 100 percent healthy, and Meyer asserted that the injury may yet necessitate a redshirt for him. (Since McCall has played this season, Meyer may have a tough time getting the NCAA to agree.)

Every defensive player 97.1 The Fan has spoken to has said the definition of targeting is very clear to them. Today Meyer agreed, saying the problem lies with uneven enforcement. He was indignant on behalf of Denzel Ward. “He had to walk off the field in front of 110,000 people and millions of people on television, and he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Meyer has spoken to right guard Branden Bowen since Bowen had a rod inserted in his leg to repair two broken bones. Meyer believes Bowen is in good spirits, and he’s glad the offensive lineman has two years of eligibility left after this season.

Meyer’s Buckeyes have not faced great passing teams, so the secondary will have to step up. Of those players, Meyer thinks Damon Webb has been the most consistent.

Mike Weber is getting increasingly involved in the OSU offense, and is now averaging 4.8 yards per carry. Meyer, however, feels that the running back “is still not the Mike Weber I thought he would be.”

When asked about taking a delay of game penalty on a kickoff, Meyer jokingly pivoted to talking again about how strong the Buckeyes are up front on defense.


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