AFC Team falling from the playoffs in 2018: Buffalo Bills


2017 record: 9-7

The Bills were a mess last season and still found a way to get into the playoffs. They are now the place I would least like to go if I was a starting quarterback.

They benched their starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, on November 19 in favor of Nathan Peterman. That is usually a sign that you are looking to the future and moving on from the current regime.

It lasted for one half. Peterman completed 11 passes in the first half against the LA Chargers: six to his receivers and five to the Chargers. Taylor came back in and the Bills ended up in the postseason. His reward? He gets shipped out to Cleveland.

Peterman, the supposed quarterback of the future, gets a half. Taylor, the starter, leads them to the playoffs and gets traded.

The Bills sign AJ McCarron from the Bengals. He finally gets a chance to be a starting quarterback.

Wait – then the Bills drafted Josh Allen. Maybe he starts from Day One. At the very least, it signals that he is the future and McCarron’s days as a starter are already numbered.

The Bills are rebuilding, whether they want to admit it or not.

I’ve always liked McCarron, but I wonder how much of a chance he will be given. I don’t love their receivers. Zay Jones has potential but Kelvin Benjamin has never consistently lived up to the hype.

They shipped Cordy Glenn to Cincinnati, hurting their offensive line in the short-term. LeSean McCoy has a lot of miles on those legs. He rushed for 1,138 yards and caught 59 passes for 448 and scored eight touchdowns, but he will be 30 when the season starts. The Bills added Chris Ivory but he’s ALREADY 30.

Four of their first five draft picks (Allen being the exception) were spent on defense. The Tremaine Edwards pick was decent value, he’ll start right away.

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