Rodgers wants more say, opt-out possibility

When Aaron Rodgers signed his contract back in 2013 with Green Bay, it was for five years and $110 million with about $54 million guaranteed.

He has since seen others soar past his guarantee – most recently, Matt Ryan signed a five-year, $150 million deal with about $95 guaranteed. Kirk Cousins also signed a three-year deal with Minnesota that was fully guaranteed for $84 million.

Both Rodgers and the Packers have expressed a desire to get a new deal done that could keep Rodgers in Green Bay for the rest of his career.

Key word there is “could.”

Rodgers reportedly wants language in the contract that would give him options if (a) he is lapped again by less-accomplished quarterbacks in salary or (b) he isn’t agreeable with the direction of the franchise. He wants a voice, and if the organization doesn’t have the same vision, he wants the chance to opt-out.

It makes sense. The window for winning a Super Bowl for Rodgers is also the window for Green Bay to win a Super Bowl. However, the front office has the capability to make all the decisions regarding the roster. Rodgers just wants the chance to jump ship if he doesn’t agree with the moves.

Rodgers didn’t want to lose Jordy Nelson, but the Packers released him (he eventually signed with the Raiders).

The Packers also fired quarterback coach Alex Van Pelt and replaced him with Frank Cignetti, Jr. This also bothered Rodgers.

I’m not saying the Packers should give Rodgers full control of personnel decisions or even just on the offensive side of the ball.

I think he should have a seat at the table when important decisions are made. At the very least, let him have a chance to speak his mind.

There’s only a few players that have earned that type of right, and most of the time it is a veteran quarterback. I like the idea of players incorporating some version of opt-outs in their contracts.

Here’s my list of players that should have something like this in their contracts:


Tom Brady

Drew Brees

Ben Roethlisberger

Russell Wilson

Philip Rivers

Eli Manning

Matthew Stafford

Cam Newton

If we look beyond quarterbacks, players like Aaron Donald and JJ Watt could make a case for being included. Other than that, I don’t see another player worthy of that kind of power.