Bishop & Rothman

Bishop & Rothman Rundown 10-2

Posted by Evan Winkofsky October 3, 2012 0 Comments
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Bishop & Rothman 12-3: Beau Bishop and Anthony Rothman

Spielman on Sports 12:45 Greg Firth (NFL Films Producer) 1:30 Buckeye Bulletin 1:45 Freddie Couples 2:15 NFL Two Minute Drill 2:45

Ohio State beat Michigan State on Saturday, it's reaction time for Beau.

Is Ohio State over achieving in year one under Urban? How talented are they?

With the half way point in sight where do you think the Buckeyes losses come from?

The Bengals are one of the best young teams in the NFL but can they take the next step?

2012 has been a crazy year in the NFL. Which teams are for real and which teams aren't playing to expectations?

Geno Smith is getting a bunch of Heisman hype but should we take into consideration the quality of defense he played? How much of case does Braxton have?

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Was the Ryder Cup one of the biggest chokes or biggest comeback in sports?

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