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Wednesday 10/3/12

Posted by Alicia Barnhart October 3, 2012
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Sad fans are the worst when they're not from the team your team just beat.

The Buckeye Show is back with Jonathan "T-Bone" Smith at the helm! Join us weeknights 6-8 for up to date news on the Buckeyes, Big Ten, and college football and basketball.

Here's tonight's rundown:

Ohio State announced yesterday that they are scheduling TCU for 2018 and 2019. But Gene Smith said today that is just the beginning

Spielman on Sports, at 6:32.

Coming up at 6:46, we give out some Buckeye Leaves, and have your chance to win a pair of tickets to OSU vs Nebraska. Call-in to tell us who deserves a Buckeye Leaf at 821-9710.

30 for 30 - What if I told you that there is a potential recruiting scandal in college basketball, and John Callipari is involved –BUT, he looks like the good guy in this.

Which sport has more corruption in its recruiting? College basketball or college football?

A former Buckeye gets another shot in the league.

Former Buckeye Branden Joe, 2002 National Championship team member will join us at 7:32pm.

More bad news for John L. Smith. 7:46.


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