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Tuesday 11/27/12

Posted by Alicia Barnhart November 27, 2012 0 Comments
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You've seen planking and Tebowing... what about Urban Meyering? Alicia's dad starting the trend!

The Buckeye Show is back with Jonathan "T-Bone" Smith at the helm! Join us weeknights 6-8 for up to date news on the Buckeyes, Big Ten, and college football and basketball.

Here's tonight's rundown:

 OSU beats Michigan 26-21

Urban Meyer for Coach of the Year Nationally?

Yet another reason to hate Michigan. As if you needed one. Details at 6:32

We de-bunk a big myth in college football.

Nick Saban is angry again. Details at 7:02.

2012 MVP of the Buckeyes not named Braxton Miller

Charlie Weis actually does something classy.

Break down Ohio State’s win over Michigan in out Silver Bullet Points – joining us will be Doug Lesmierses of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

One school DOESN’T want to switch conferences. Details at 7:46.

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