The Buckeye Show

Friday 2/22/13

Posted by Alicia Barnhart February 22, 2013
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Bobby might be on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, but Tim's got you covered on the Bucks!

The Buckeye Show with Tim Hall and Bobby Carpenter. Join us weeknights 6-8 for up to date news on the Buckeyes, Big Ten, and college football and basketball.

Here's tonight's rundown:

Jim Tressel an OC in MSU? No likely but would you be angry if he came back to the Big Ten on another team?

Three Buckeyes recognized for greatness this week. 

ESPN's Austin Ward joins us at 6:32.

This week's Power Five at 6:46. 

NFL Combine getting underway and a Buckeye was almost a Wolverine? Big Ten Breakdown at 7:02.

What do the Bucks need to do to beat Sparty?

And a college basketball pbp man got interrupted during a broadcast...

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