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Tuesday 2/12/13

Posted by Alicia Barnhart February 12, 2013
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Can you imagine OSU playing in these?

The Buckeye Show with Tim Hall and Bobby Carpenter. Join us weeknights 6-8 for up to date news on the Buckeyes, Big Ten, and college football and basketball.

Here's tonight's rundown:

This basketball season isn't over yet, plenty of positives despite back to back losses.

Change is coming to Big Ten football, but there's one potential change that shouldn't.

Night games in November, are you excited?

On The Trail at 6:46 pm.

We go around the conference in the Big Ten Breakdown at 7:02 pm.

Urban Meyer did some epic story telling this weekend. Tim shares one at 7:16 pm.

Recruiting expert Bill Kurelic at 7:32 pm.

The worst thing to hit the NBA in a long time might make its way into college basketball.

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