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Championship not out of the question for Buckeyes

Posted by Tim Hall March 4, 2013
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The Buckeye Show takes a Monday off so Thad Matta can give you his call-in show. But we're primed in ready to come at you from 6-8 on Tuesday (plus 30 more minutes of bonus hoops coverage) in advance of the Bucks big game at Indiana.

If you've been watching Big Ten hoops at all this year it's not out of the question for OSU to go in and pull an upset. Wisconsin is getting hammered at home by Purdue. Michigan is losing at Penn State. Anything is in play right now. It's not especially far fetched to consider No. 14 beating No. 2 on the road.

Jared Sullinger even felt the need to let his Michigan fans know the situation.

I'm sure he meant to mention that Michigan has to take care of business at Purdue first if it wants a share at that title. But looking at Indiana's tough schedule to finish, there's a chance the Buckeyes could grab a share of their fourth straight Big Ten title.

See you tomorrow at 6 on The Buckeye Show.