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The Buckeye Show's 4-8-13 Rundown

Posted by Tim Hall April 8, 2013
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A champion will be crowned tonight in college basketball. Will it be Michigan or Louisville? 

Here's what we'll be talking about on tonight's show:

  • Will it sting the Buckeye Nation if the Wolverines rip down the nets in Atlanta?
  • Next season's Big Ten POY might be playing in the game tonight. But what Buckeye has the best chance to fight for that award?
  • senior writer Tom Dienhart joins us from Atlanta to talk about the National Championship game.
  • Michigan and Louisville by the numbers, and a few that are pretty staggering.
  • A shaved face will help turn Iowa football around? That story and more in the Big Ten Breakdown at 7:00pm.
  • Buckeye Spring Football update, and a reason why Brutus wasn't smiling like that this weekend.
  • Great sound byte from a Hall of Fame coach.
  • And "How to Give your Coach a Heart Attack".

It's all coming up tonight. And remember. Even if Michigan wins tonight, it's still Michigan.