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Posted by Alicia Barnhart May 20, 2013
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Bobby likes making lists so we thought we'd toss it out to you... what kind of lists do you want to read? Tweet @CarpandHall you list ideas with the hashtag #BobbysWorld all week and on Friday we'll pick the winning list idea and reward the tweeter with a prize- usually tickets, but who knows what we have in that back closet. So Tweet us your ideas and check the blog Fridays to see if you won!

Here's Bobby’s list thanks to Terri Curry (@fstone). She'll recieve a 4-pack of tickets to the Columbus Crew vs the Houston Dynamos 6/1!

Bobby's Top 5 Movies:

Listing my top 5 movies was incredibly difficult. To me, so much of a movie's perceived value is based simply off of the mood I'm in at the time. A movie that I may feel is great when I first see it, may not be as good the second time and conversely; some movies get better with repetition. I structured this list to include no comedies as it would have been too hard to include them. My most important criteria was- no matter how you feel, is this a movie that will excite me when scrolling through the channel guide AND I'll turn it on whether it's 5 minutes from the beginning or end. Here is the list, it is always fluid and in no particular order.

TOMBSTONE: If for nothing else, this movie made the list for Val Kilmer's depiction of Doc Holliday. There are so many classic one liners and this movie is just a great all around story. And who doesn't love a good old fashion gun fight?

GLADIATOR:  The General who became a slave. The Slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an Emperor. Russell Crowe had a way of delivering lines that sent chills down my spine. A revenge story for the ages and a glimpse into the world of big government Roman excess. Which begs the question "Are you not entertained?"

BRAVEHEART: Mel thought of it all in this film- the underdog story of fighting for independence from the sprawling British Empire. Throw in the revenge factor for William's lost love and it’s a movie for everyone. This movie captures the desire for independence, a trait all Americans can appreciate.

TOP GUN: "I feel the need...The need for speed." Top Gun epitomized 80's films. The story of a fighter pilot trying to shake his father's poor legacy. Iceman, Mav, Goose and Slider, what a crew! This movie is filled with a terrific one liners and who doesn't love Mav's renegade attitude and the fact "She lost that lovin’ feeling."

SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION: Never saw this one live in theaters, but I caught it before the San Diego St. game my sophomore year in college and watched the marathon till it finished at 1 AM. Anytime this movie is on it's a must watch. I'm not even sure how to define it. Maybe it’s the story quality or the reassuring narration by Morgan Freeman, but whatever it is; this movie is great.

As a side note I didn’t include any movies that were not made during my lifetime to simplify the list. I love John Wayne, Eastwood and many others, but with only five, I had to draw the line so I could narrow it down. This list is ever changing and who know what else may creep into it in the future.