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Posted by Alicia Barnhart May 29, 2013
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Bobby likes making lists so we thought we'd toss it out to you... what kind of lists do you want to read? Tweet @CarpandHall you list ideas with the hashtag #BobbysWorld all week and on Friday we'll pick the winning list idea and reward the tweeter with a prize- usually tickets, but who knows what we have in that back closet. So Tweet us your ideas and check the blog Fridays to see if you won!

Here's Bobby’s list thanks to Tim Theobald (). He'll recieve a 4-pack of tickets to the Columbus Crew vs the Houston Dynamos 6/1!

Top 5 Beers:

The list was supposed to be Top 5 Beers, but that list was nearly as broad as the Top 5 Movies of all time. So to make this list more specific and easier for me to compile, I narrowed it down to the top 5 beers of the summer. Since summertime is upon us, I thought it would be a great way the experience the summer with my favorite frosty adult beverages.

#5. Bud Light: What's better than the American Classic that's brewed right here in Columbus, Ohio? It’s appropriate year round, so why not the summer? Ideally you want a beer you can drink all day and never tire of. This is that beer.

#4. Corona: The most popular Mexican beer in America had to make an appearance. Years ago it would have been much higher on my list, but times change and your horizons broaden. But what’s the summer without a solid Mexican brew?

#3. Modelo: Ironically the next beer up is Mexican as well. I guess there is just something that unites warm weather with Mexican beer. Not only does Modelo taste great, but you have to love the bottle packaging with the gold foil around the top. They keep it old school.

#2. Leinkugel Summer Shandy: I am not even sure you can consider this a beer. Many purist probably wouldn't, but it comes in a bottle, is sold in the beer section and I keep it in my beer fridge. So for that, it's a beer to me. The crisp, refreshing taste with a hint of lemon really hits the spot on a hot day.

#1. Pacifico: When in Rome, do as the Romans. After traveling to Mexico and talking with some Mexicans; this is the beer that they overwhelming claimed as their favorite. After experiencing it, I have to concur. It has a unique flavor that uniquely appears to the warm weather environment.