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Posted by Alicia Barnhart May 6, 2013
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Bobby likes making lists so we thought we'd toss it out to you... what kind of lists do you want to read? Tweet @CarpandHall you list ideas with the hashtag #BobbysWorld all week and on Friday we'll pick the winning list idea and reward the tweeter with a prize- usually tickets, but who knows what we have in that back closet. So Tweet us your ideas and check the blog Fridays to see if you won!


Here's Bobby’s inaugural list thanks to Scott Sieber (@UrbanatorNation). He'll recieve a 4-pack of tickets to the Columbus Crew vs. Colorado Rapids on 5/11!

Top 5 best places to get a burger:

#5.Mitchell's Steakhouse Downtown: The Prime Steak Burger for lunch really hits the spot. Great beef and it includes bacon.

#4. Brazen Head Irish Pub: The Caribbean Burger is a great change up. It has terrific jerk seasoning and includes grilled pineapple and Pepper Jack cheese to enhance the flavor.

#3. The Thurman Cafe: Many people would rate this higher, but it's my list. It has a bevy of different burger options. All are delicious and who doesn't love variety?

#2. Ted's Montana Grill: I am huge fan of Bison and with the wide selection of choices there is something for everyone.

#1. MY HOUSE: This isn't just to appease my wife either. She does a great job blending in jalapeño peppers and blue cheese right in with the ground beef. It is truly delightful.

Honorable Mention:

The Press Grill: It's a cheese burger with a fried egg. I see no losers here.

3rd & Hollywood: The Hollywood Burger is a great choice. Some many other solid menu items that it's not a must, but great tasting none the less.