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Posted by Alicia Barnhart May 15, 2013
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Bobby likes making lists so we thought we'd toss it out to you... what kind of lists do you want to read? Tweet @CarpandHall you list ideas with the hashtag #BobbysWorld all week and on Friday we'll pick the winning list idea and reward the tweeter with a prize- usually tickets, but who knows what we have in that back closet. So Tweet us your ideas and check the blog Fridays to see if you won!

Here's Bobby’s list thanks to Ann Hankinson (@mamahank). She'll recieve a 4-pack of tickets to the Cleveland Indians vs. Washington Nationals on 5/16!

Top 5 Places to Hang Out on Campus at Ohio State?

#5. The Union: The new student union is remarkable. It seemingly to forever to build, but once it was finally finished it instantly became the envy of student unions everywhere.

#4. O'Patio: This fine establishment, which has changed names quite a few times recently (Ziggs and Four Kegs) is located on 15th and High is the bane of class attendance in the spring. Its huge patio and prime location provides an excellent deterrent from the boredom of class.

#3. The Oval: Spring time on the Oval can be a place of utter bliss. Frisbees being tossed, ladies laying out and just an abundance of energy from the students passing through. After walking through on a warm spring day, no student would deny its appeal.

#2. Between 16th and 11th East of High Street: On the bookend of the school year (early fall and late spring) this few blocks just across High Street are buzzing with action. Just walking from street from house to house will afford one the opportunity to participate in a game of beer pong or corn hole. Most students are friendly and will invite any passerby to join the festivities.

#1. Around the 'Shoe on a Game Day: Is there anything more that needs to be said. Whether you have a ticket to the game or not. An Ohio State Game day experience is something everyone should experience.

Honorable Mention:

RPAC: I love fitness and this is a state of the art facility where you can lift, run, swim, play basketball or any number of the activities offered.