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Numbers that matter for OSU football

Posted by Tim Hall October 30, 2013
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Kyle Robertson (Dispatch)

It’s Purdue week guys. And unfortunately we’ve got a team on the verge of being 9-0 but it doesn’t mean squat in terms of getting to the BCS title game. Scoreboard watching is becoming almost as interesting as watching the Buckeye games themselves. There are three big games in the next two weeks that will get us closer to the national title picture. Undefeated Miami taking on undefeated Florida State is one of them. Someone will lose this weekend. And next week one-loss Stanford can hand Oregon a loss and Oklahoma can give Baylor its first loss.

It’s out of Ohio State’s hands, but that’s what we’re dealing with right now. In the meantime let’s take a look at some interesting numbers for OSU as the Bucks head to Purdue this weekend.


Carlos Hyde has 509 rushing yards in his short season, and he’s really done it in just four games. He’s been eligible for five but can you imagine if he would’ve been given the ball 20 times instead of five in that FAMU game? Good lord he may have close to 1,000 yards right now.

While I’m considering changing the phrase Beast Mode simply to Hyde Mode, I’m also wondering if this guy will be held under 100 yards in any of the games left on the OSU schedule. Purdue is woeful. Illinois isn’t much better. We’ve seen IU’s defense and that’ll be a senior day game with obvious huge incentive for Hyde to perform. And how badly would Urban Meyer want to straight abuse Michigan in the most physical way imaginable? No way better to do that than with a heavy dose of Hyde.

The dude has been the most impressive thing about Buckeye football the last three weeks and NFL scouts will notice if they haven’t already. Le’Veon Bell is starting for the Steelers as a rookie, and I like Hyde’s game equally if not better.


The streak. Beating Purdue will get Ohio State’s winning streak to 21 games, but I put up 23 because it’s damn near a certainty for the Bucks to break the all-time OSU record for consecutive victories. They have Purdue, Illinois and Indiana standing in their way to get it done. Imagine if an undefeated NFL team had a final stretch that easy to match the Dolphins’ perfect season. They wouldn’t even bother buying the champagne.

The Bucks opened against Purdue as 31 point favorites. The spreads will also be insanely high in the next two games. What a treat that will be for the home crowd on senior day to see 23 in a row.


Todd Jones of the Dispatch pointed this out in an article this week. Purdue ranks dead last in 11 of the 33 team stat categories in the Big Ten. And they’re not ranked much higher in the other 22. Yeah, dead last in scoring offense, total offense, rushing offense, pass efficiency, kickoff coverage, field goals, first downs, 3rd down conversions, opponent penalties, red zone offense, red zone defense.

Mary Bannister of the OSU IMG Network told me today, “Hide the women and children from noon to 3 on Saturday.”

I concur Marty.

Meanwhile, Ohio State ranks first in 10 team categories.


And I threw this one in here just for fun. And to clarify, this one is not a Buckeye number but a Purdue number. It's a price tag. And something that let's you know the state of your program. If you have 20 bucks in your pocket you can take yourself and 49 of your friends to the Purdue-Illinois game in November at Ross-Ade Stadium. Okay I'm not sure if there's that many .40 tickets available but you get the point. And if you have 14 bucks you can get into this Saturday's Ohio State game. That ain't bad for the No. 4 team in America. That's how we used to roll at Kansas. Five or six bucks to see Vince Young and Texas was a steal!