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Sam Thompson's biggest fan

Posted by Tim Hall February 25, 2014
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Don't look now, but the guy who I thought would be this big time scoring machine is actually starting to play like it. After eight straight games failing to reach double-figures Sam Thompson has hit that mark in back-to-back games. He gave the Bucks 11 against Northwestern and then poured in a season high 19 points in the second-half thrashing of Minnesota on Saturday.

And while sometimes opposing coaches like to build up the guys who really killed you in a loss, I don't think that can be done for a guy averaging 7.5 points per game. That's why it's clear Gophers coach Richard Pitino was speaking from the heart. Give a listen and check out how highly he thinks of all things Sam Thompson:

Pitino as he tells you wanted him pretty bad when he was an assitant for Billy Donovan and he recognizes how good a player he is. He also said that Sam has great, great potential and could be even better if he puts some more muscle on to that skinny frame.

But again, that word "potential" still being thrown out about Thompson is something to note. I'd love for "potential" to become "reality". But nonetheless a really cool thing to say by Pitino. It shows you that relationships in college hoops go beyond just the guys on your own team. And even though Thompson turned Pitino down, the coach still has an interest in the young man.