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Amedeo For Prez

Posted by Tim Hall March 5, 2014
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While I'm still trying to figure out if this is supposed to be a full on joke or semi-serious, I'm left wanting more answers from candidate Della Valle. I don't know if this video provides enough information for his constituents. I can only wonder if my man Doug Stamper (House of Cards) were an adviser on Della Valle's staff. I need to know what ADV Snow Days entails. I need to know what his swimming, 3-point skills and fashion sense will bring to the politcal realm.

We know this. There's no excuse to spell the man's name wrong ever again, even though I think the "ADV" moniker makes him seem more affable.

Voting is supposed to end very soon at the time I'm writing this, but #Vote4Deo was picking up steam. And @Ame_DV_33 and his 40 thousand plus twitter followers seems strong for a sophomore role player. And when reading this tweet, "I want to be the first usg president for Ohio State to play basketball on the moon", I realize this guy is a different kinda dude.

Good luck candidate.