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D'Angelo Russell getting ready for the all-star circuit

Posted by Tim Hall March 11, 2014
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In case you've been struggling picturing the Buckeyes scoring oodles of points in the near future, just imagine this fella stepping onto the court later this year. I'm already salivating over this combo guard who can score inside and out. He can put it on the deck. He can handle the ball. He can shoot off the dribble. Like LaQuinton he can create his own shot. And the smooth lefty has a nice high release with good rotation. Yeah, I know. It's torture. But at least a guy with some serious offensive prowess is in the near future. And it should actually be two with Kam Williams joining the mix. 

But D'Angelo Russell from Montverde Academy in Florida is about to hit the all-star games. First he's got the prestigious McDonald's All-American game on April 2nd at the United Center. He's the first Buckeye to play in the game since Amir Williams and Shannon Scott wer there in 2011. Then on April 18 he'll be in the Jordan Brand Classic All-American Game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

Russell also recently tweeted that he's been invited to the training camp for the U18 USA Basketball national team. 

So this guy's got at least a couple months ahead of going up against some of the best, with probably definitely the most useful competition coming from that Team USA training camp.