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Why The NHL Lockout Hurts Columbus A Little More

Posted by Richard Rodawalt November 2, 2012
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November 2nd 2012 was supposed to be a new start for fans in Columbus. Leo Welsh would have come out sometime near the 7:00 hour, sang the National Anthem, and the Blue Jackets would play host to a team a lot of Blue Jacket fans despise in the Pittsburgh Penguins and kick off the 2012/2013 season in Nationwide Arena. I too am a fan, of a lot of sports, but took special interest in this hockey season. You see Columbus was to host the NHL All Star game this year as many of you already know, and due to the current lockout that possibility is in grave danger. I am new to learning the game of hockey, but have always felt attending hockey games in person was one of the best atmospheres in sports. This season meant more to me as a fan though, and not just because of hockey. From the time they announced the All Star game would be in Columbus I was excited, not just for the game but the opportunity for this city. Anyone who knows me knows I believe more professional sports could be a reality in this city. We are all by this point aware of the request for an NBA franchise that has been made, and with this All Star game we, as a city, had the opportunity to put on a display for a professional atmosphere and put Columbus on the map, and into the minds of NBA teams looking to expand (whenever that day may come) or relocate which could be the case with a few different NBA franchises right now. We had a “tryout” so to speak, to host an event that would display Columbus as the wonderful city it is, and not just the “college town” it is portrayed to be. So while the rest of the hockey world is feeling the wrath of the latest lockout in the NHL, for me once they announce the cancelation of the All Star Game, it hurts us in Columbus just a little bit more.
Richard “PorkChop” Rodawalt
Producer - The Common Man Show