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The first team to sign James Harrison for the upcoming season! W/Team Photo

Posted by Richard Rodawalt February 15, 2013
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The Steelers are currently some $15 million over the expected $121 million salary cap, which means that some high-paid veterans could be asked to restructure their contracts, take a pay cut, or given their outright release. One of those players is 34-year-old outside linebacker James Harrison, who's scheduled to make $6.6 million in 2012 and has already said that he's not interested in playing for less than that.

But even if the Steelers and Harrison part ways, the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year has a fallback plan: dodgeball.


That's right, Harrison is moonlighting as a member of the 2013 Ball Busters. Some of the reader comments on Harrison's Facebook page pretty much mirror what we all were thinking:

George De Esch "Imagine the sh*t-your-pants moment when you look across the center line at the beginning of a dodgeball game and see James Harrison."

Paul Webendorfer "Try not to get any fines from the dodgeball commissioner!"

Mike Duckett "(You're) not nearly as bad ass as that dude in the front row."

In related news, cornerback Ike Taylor was set to join the team but he kept dropping the ball.