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The NFL combine has some people excited, I don't like it!

Posted by Richard Rodawalt February 19, 2013
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                       Yesterday T-Bone and Krenzel were discussing the NFL combine. Now there is speculation that they may make the combine an even longer process . I am not a fan of the NFL combine. In fact I think it is stupid that it seems like teams put so much stock into this event. Every year there is a player or multiple players who shoot up draft board because of what they do at the combine.

                       How knowledgeable are these NFL scouts if they are really using the combine as a determining factor? You hear nonstop about who ran the fastest 40 yard dash, or who had the highest vertical, so let me ask you this, when was the last time as a football player you ran 40 yards in an straight line? In shorts none the less without any pads or a helmet on, in a game? What does your vertical leap matter if you are a receiver who can’t catch the ball at the highest point. Or for that matter who can’t catch the ball with your hands at all and have to use your chest to trap the ball? Who cares how accurate you are as a quarterback throwing against air with no coverage? If I am a “talent evaluator” I want to do just that and evaluate the talent and how it translates to the game at the NFL level.

                       Maybe a better way to go about it is to have your quarterbacks at least throw with helmets and shoulder pads on and have a dummy defense out there giving them different looks that they may see at the NFL level, because isn’t that what they say the difference is between college and the NFL? It’s all about how quick you can get the information and process it and make a decision. So explain to me how doing the equivalent of a pre game warm up throwing through the passing tree or throwing a ball to the end zone on one knee (yes, you Kyle Boller. We see how that worked out ) is an accurate assessmant. How is anything done at the combine going to show me how a defensive player can or can not wrap up and tackle, or perform in the open field?

                       All I know is this, if I’m making a decision on who the best football player is for my team, I want to base that off of what they’ve done actually PLAYING the game of football, from their game film, and not based on a week, or month long event where they run around in shorts. Then again, if the game keeps changing at the rate that it has been, with the player safety rules, and taking clean hits out of the game, so on and so forth, the combine may actually be an accurate assessment of the flag football league it may one day become. But that’s a conversation and topic for another day.


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