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Chop Talk week of 9/7

Posted by Richard Rodawalt September 6, 2013 0 Comments
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This is Porky’s Podcast “Chop Talk”. Every week PorkChop will upload his podcast to the website, share some of his thoughts, and share a few features he has thought up like “Tales From The Fan”. You can leave a question or comment for him in his e-mail or on twitter @PorkChop971


This week Porky will give you his NFL picks for the Week 1 NFL games, his season/SuperBowl picks. Former Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden will chat with him regarding several different college football topics and has a prediction that may make a lot of Buckeye fans happy. And also debut Tales From The Fan and I-71 Sports, two of the weekly features Porky will have.



Thanks for listening! Richard "PorkChop" Rodawalt