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T-Bone’s College Football Tailgate: It’s all about the quarterback. Except when it’s not.

Posted by Koby Doughty September 20, 2013
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Buckeyes take on the Rattlers:  Ohio State has a game time decision to make with Braxton Miller. According to Urban, it could be another week of Smooooooooth Jazz, Kenny Guiton.

All that matters is whether or not Braxton is 100%. If he’s got even 1/10th of 1 percent of doubt about that knee, sit him and let Kenny Guiton put up points on Florida A&M. Next week against Wisconsin is the Buckeyes’ first true test of the season, and while OSU should be able to handle the Badgers in the ‘Shoe at night, it wouldn’t hurt to have all hands on deck. Especially when the opponent you’re facing the weekend before is known more for their band than the team they’ll put on the field.

Speaking of the band, let’s set one thing straight – THE band to watch at halftime, and the band that should be the headliner wherever they go, is still The Best Damn Band in the Land. FAMU’s band, despite some controversy in recent years, still gets the hype of being one of the most entertaining halftime acts in CFB – and they are. But TBDBITL is still the best. Especially now that they’ve added video games and game shows to their repertoire.

Prediction: OSU 63 – FAMU 10.

Clemson hangs on against NC State: Browns fans, fresh off the Trent Richardson Trade/Cancellation of Meaningful Football for the Rest of the Season, might have tuned in Thursday night to see what Clemson’s Tahj Boyd could muster against a feisty NC State. After all, the Browns are likely going to be in a battle with Jacksonville for the rights to draft this year’s BMOC quarterback, and at this point, anything that takes the focus off the next 14 games is a welcome respite for Cleveland fans.

Sadly, any notion that Tahj Boyd is that type of player should have been dispelled in Carter-Finley Stadium Thursday. The senior QB’s line wasn’t terrible (24/37, 244 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs), but anyone who watched the game saw multiple open wide receivers go wanting on errant throws from Boyd. NC State hung with Clemson not because of talent, but because of a lack of execution by the Tigers. After a lot of hype, Boyd still doesn’t look like the guy who is worth a first round pick.

As far as college QBs, my wish list for the Browns goes as such:

  1. Teddy Bridgewater
  2. Marcus Mariotta
  3. Brett Hundley
  4. AJ McCarron
  5. Johnny Manziel

If the Browns can’t get one of these 5 QBs in the 2014 draft, then they should immediately resign as a franchise.

I like McCarron over Manziel because I think leadership and maturity still matter at the QB position. Mariotta could eventually be my number one, as he’s likely to face some actual defenses this season, unlike Bridgewater, and thus, be more tested. Hundley, for all the raving about his passing, tends to get a lot of numbers from small dump offs that go for big gainers.

Games to watch this weekend: Not many. This is one of the leanest weeks of the CFB season. But I’ll be checking in on Stanford at home taking on Arizona State, as well as Michigan State at Notre Dame. I’m also intrigued by what, if anything, Tennessee can do against Florida. After getting drubbed by Oregon, any type of Tennessee-mounted offensive against Florida would make the SEC, or at least, that part of the SEC, look not so good.

Predictions: Stanford 24-ASU 17, Notre Dame 20-Michigan State 13, Florida 24- Tennessee 10.