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T-Bone’s College Football Tailgate Week 4: The FAMUing

Posted by Koby Doughty September 25, 2013
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Ohio State rolls hapless Florida A&M 76-0: The Buckeyes knew  this game was over before it started, but it was at least a little surprising that Kenny Guiton threw for a school record 6 touchdowns. The record is for the whole game, but Smooth Jazz only needed one half of football to accomplish it.

That’s the kind of season it has been for the backup QB and captain – continuing to deliver unexpected gems. Granted, his competition in the three games where’s he’s taken over has been less than stellar – San Diego State lost to an FCS school, Cal gave up over 500 yards to an FCS school, and Florida A&M actually IS an FCS school. But setting school records and earning national player of the week honors are becoming a semi-regular occurrence for Kenny G. He will move back to the bench when Braxton Miller is good to go, which sounds like it  will be this week, but make no mistake – Kenny Guiton left his mark on the QB spot at OSU.

I would have to think that bodes well for his future – regardless what happens the rest of his time at Ohio State, you would think some NFL team would take a look at him as a backup QB next year.

Wisconsin keeps on running: RB Melvin Gordon slaughtered the Purdue defense last weekend, which is not uncommon. The last three times Wisconsin has played Purdue, the Badgers have rushed for somewhere in the neighborhood of 17,800 yards. OK, not really, but it’s a lot. Coach Gary Anderson will have his team ready to face the Buckeyes on Saturday, and for Ohio State, the real challenge is going to see if the linebackers not named Ryan Shazier can hold up their end of the bargain against what looks to be another bruising running game from the Badgers.

Michigan sucks: There is such a thing as a letdown after winning a big game (whether or not you believe outlasting Notre Dame at home qualifies as a “big game” is a conversation for another day). But there is no excuse for having back to back difficult games against Akron and UCONN if you are an elite program in college football. Sorry Michigan fans – Hoke and Co. have a ways to go to convince most of the rest of us that Michigan football is “back.”

And by the way, UM might want to cancel the order of “Devin Gardner for Heisman” placards being printed at the local print shop. Bad.

LSU might just be for real: They’ve got a quarterback in Zach Mettenberger, who is finally showing the promise many thought he would be displaying for Georgia 3 years ago, before he was kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons (10TDs, 1 INT through 4 games). They’ve got a running back in Jeremy Hill who is terrorizing defenders on the field to the tune of 8.3 yards per carry, and 6 TDs in his three games since he was welcomed back onto the team after a couple of off the field incidents. The defense is its usual, menacing self, with plenty of speed on the line. They get a great test this week when they travel to Georgia.


Power Rankings:

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Ohio State
  4. LSU
  5. Stanford
  6. Clemson
  7. Louisville
  8. Florida State
  9. Georgia
  10. UCLA

Games to watch this weekend, other than Wisconsin vs. OSU:

#6 LSU at #9 Georgia (3:30pm, CBS Sports)

 #14 Oklahoma at #22Notre Dame(3:30pm, NBC)

 #21 Ole Miss at #1 Alabama (6:30pm, ESPN)

Cal at #2Oregon (10:30pm, PAC 12 Network)

Predictions: Georgia defeats LSU in a close game, Oklahoma beats Notre Dame, Alabama wakes up and throttles Ole Miss, and Cal loses to Oregon while both teams easily cover the over. Oh, and Ohio State beats Wisconsin 34-17.