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Porkchop Rethinks LeBron

Posted by Koby Doughty July 16, 2014
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LeBron James is a Cleveland Cavalier again…And now that I’ve had time to process what all of this means, It starts with this…

I was wrong…

I was wrong about LeBron James, in thinking he was incapable of apologizing, and living up to his wrong doings..

I was wrong about, just how much the ineptitude of the Cavs could weigh on me as a fan, seeing a terrible product night after night..

I was wrong about LeBron and Dan Gilbert being able to co-exist..

Over a year and half ago I wrote that IF LeBron were to come back, it just wouldn’t feel right because I didn’t think he could do the things necessary for me to be ok with it. I was wrong.

The essay written by Sports Illustrated, as told by LeBron James proved I was wrong. Yes I am still annoyed by those same bandwagon fans. The same ones that bashed my favorite team, and couldn’t fathom “why anyone would want to play in Cleveland”, who will now be wearing Cavs gear again.

And no, not all is forgotten, because I can’t erase the last 4 years of watching awful basketball. That can’t be forgotten until a championship is delivered.

But I am excited.  I am excited by the potential of a team with Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Andrew Wiggins (and or Kevin Love).

I am excited that as a fan I’ll be able to watch my favorite team, in all likelihood, play into May and June again.

I am excited to have expectations again.

LeBron is not a dumb person. I know that he sees the potential of a team that can grow into one who carries him through the next, and likely final decade of his career, as opposed to being the one doing the carrying.

Few could have predicted not only the rapid descent of Dwyane Wade from “Superstardom” to “role player”. Less could have predicted the mending of a relationship between Dan Gilbert, and LeBron, and no one could have predicted the Cavs winning 3 out of 4 draft lotteries.

A lot had to go right for this to happen, part of that meant for me to be wrong,  and if being wrong means my team could be a champion very soon… I’ll be wrong, and very excited.


Richard “PorkChop” Rodawalt