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Things I didn't get to...

Posted by Jeff Thitoff September 27, 2013
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Things I didn’t get to…

  1. Make sure you get all Panthers and Packers out of your lineup. I know you know, but I am telling you for the same reason my dad STILL tells me to make sure I look both ways before I back out of the driveway — so he can say “I told you” if I get in a wreck.
  2. Matt Cassel is starting for Minnesota at quarterback (Christian Ponder is hurt/sucks) and Mike Glennon is taking the reins from Josh Freeman in Tampa (sucks). Although I am not expecting terrific things from either, they are both upgrades for the wide receivers on each team.
  3. IF you have Gronk, you will play him. What if you have him and he sits on Sunday night? You need a backup plan. Go get Charles Clay in Miami, cut the worst player on your team. Clay plays Monday night, so if Gronk isn’t active you will have a backup plan in place. It could mean the difference between a win and a loss for you. If it is, please remember it’s “T-H-I-T-O-F-F” on the check.
  4. On the waiver/free agent front, I like Jason Snelling (RB ATL), Heath Miller (TE PITT) and Ryan Broyles (WR DET). In Detroit, look at how well Nate Burleson was playing before he broke his arm saving pizzas. Those looks are going to Broyles now.
  5. Check out the pod cast I did with Adam Conn – there’s some IDP nuggets in there.
  6. Tim Hall and I will be at the OH Bar at the Hollywood Casino on Sunday from noon-3. We’ve got some cool stuff we are giving away and you can tell me how I screwed up your fantasy team. Or not.