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Draft tip #2: Steer clear of MJD

Maurice Jones-Drew is scheduled to visit with Oakland on Friday and Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting there is a good chance MJD will sign with the Raiders.

Does that mean he will be the number one back there? Probably.

Does that mean you should target him? No.

Take a look at his numbers:

In 2011, he had almost 2,000 total yards and scored 11 touchdowns.

In 2012 and 2013 — combined — he had 1,620 yards and seven touchdowns.

He’s 29 years old and has more than 1,800 carries and 2,160 total touches. And he’s not big (5-7, 210).

I posted earlier about the 300+ carry rule, and MJD (along with Ray Rice) are primary examples of why I stay away from those types of players.

MJD had 343 carries and 386 total touches in his wonderful 2011 campaign. That year continues to take a toll on him…steer clear, unless he drops to you and you can get good value.

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Tip #1: Monitor the workload

The 300-carry threshold is always a warning sign for me. Basically, if someone hits 300 carries in a season, the next season you are likely to see a drop-off in production.

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