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SEC Country is No Longer Urban Territory

Posted by Lori Schmidt February 6, 2012
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Today a curious suggestion was made by Birmingham News writer, Kevin Scarbinsky. He believes that Alabama coach Nick Saban ran former Florida head man Urban Meyer out of the SEC and could soon do the same to Les Miles.

"If Saban hadn't hastened the downfall and departure of one national championship coach at Florida, it would be foolish to believe that he could push a national championship coach at LSU to the brink or nudge him toward the door."

According to Scarbinsky, there's a parallel to be drawn because Saban was able to land a big name recruit from the opposing coach's home state. (Trent Richardson and Landon Collins.) On top of that Saban was able to score a championship victory over Meyer in the 2009 SEC title game and Miles in the 2012 BCS Championship. Then, of course, Scarbinsky makes light of the health issues that took Meyer away from the game for a year.

"At least Miles hasn't had to check into a hospital."

But even that is polite by comparison to the column of Mike Bianchi from the Orlando Sentinel. He writes:

"Seriously, is anybody shocked that new O-Lie-O State coach Urban Meyer is already being accused of being a recruiting snake in the grass as the head coach of the Buckeyes?"

And amazingly, he does this despite admitting that nothing Meyer did was illegal and is, in fact, common practice in the SEC. If the mantra of SEC teams is, "If you're not cheating you're not trying," then I wonder what is the credo of SEC columnists?