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So...What Did I Miss?

Posted by Lori Schmidt March 1, 2012
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Finally, I'm getting out from under all the Rick Nash/Blue Jackets drama and have a chance to catch up with everything else that's been going on in the world of sports.

That includes one development that still relates to the sport of hockey. You know, I'm just guessing here, but I don't think Toledo Walleye coach Nick Vitucci was too happy with that call. (Video is rated R if you can read lips.)

Almost as good as Vitucci's clipboard toss is the bemused expression on the faces of some of the Walleye players. The ECHL, however, didn't find it quite as funny. They awarded the coach a one-game suspension and he was fined maybe a couple hundred dollars.

The NFL Combine: It's not just for strapping, young college football players anymore. See for yourself with this "awwww" inducing video of a three-year-old girl doing combine drills.

If Tiger Woods got testy when asked if he truly wanted to become a Navy SEAL, what the heck will Peyton Hillis's reaction be when someone asks him about Adam Schefter's report about his desire to join the CIA?

Finally, who had the bigger goal? Clint Dempsey, who recorded the only score in a 1-0 victory over Italy to give the United States their first ever win over the Italians, or Mother Nature against Maccabi Haifa?

Well, at least the weirdness of the goings-on at Nationwide Arena was matched by the weirdness of what was going on elsewhere.