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Whistling While Stars Work

Posted by Lori Schmidt May 13, 2013
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About this time of year, we always hear that NBA stars are constantly getting the benefit of the whistle, both on offense and defense.

So I decided to take a look at the stats* of the players still alive in this year’s postseason. Since some bench players are brought off the pine specifically for the purpose of slowing down the opponents with a foul, I am only using the numbers of the starters.**

With that in mind, the top players in terms of fouls per minute are:

5) Tiago Splitter
4) Joakim Noah
3) Andrew Bogut
2) Tyson Chandler
1) Kendrik Perkins

And the players who have earned the most free throw attempts per minute are:

5) Marc Gasol
4) Mike Conley
3) Carmelo Anthony
2) LeBron James
1) Kevin Durant

You can check out the complete results here.

* These are current as of Sunday evening. In other words, it does not take into account the Monday night games.
**In the event that a team is rotating their starting five, I am going with the lineup they used in the last game they played as listed by CBS Sports.