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The Reds eat very well in-flight

Posted by Tim Hall May 7, 2013
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Check this out. Matt Latos' wife, Dallas Latos took it upon herself to let the Twitter world know how the Reds eat when they travel. The verdict....they eat well. Very well.

As you can see it took an extra long sheet of paper that probably had to be specially formatted at Kinko's to fit all the wonderful options on it. Mind you this was Sunday's flight when the team is coming back from Chicago. What is that a 55 minute flight?

The stuff on this short-flight menu is worthy of a last meal in my book. I'm kicking it off with the personal pizza. I'll take the garden salad and go with the top choice meal of fried shrimp with mac and green beans. Throw in a Coke Zero, a Haagen Dazs ice cream bar, and some spearmint gum and nuts.

How is that every player in the bigs doesn't look like Bartolo Colon. Thank you Dallas Latos for sharing this.