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Urban sees flaws in new playoff

Posted by Tim Hall May 1, 2013
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College football is going to make it's first big shift away from the current BCS format in 2014 -- finally a new way to crown the college football champion. Sounds great right? More teams will have an opportunity to take home the crown. A 1-loss team from either the Pac-12 or Big 12 might actually get the chance to prove if they have what it takes to knock off an SEC giant.

I like it.

Urban Meyer though likes things the way they are. Meyer told the Dispatch that he "loved the old system." And the debate about who deserves a shot to compete for the title won't quit.

"That's not going to stop. There's going to be someone who will finish fifth, and their fans and others are going to say 'What if?''

I agree with Meyer that the debates won't stop. But I don't think that's a reason to not adapt, not reform. We've already had plenty of complaining in the current system so why not eliminate just two more teams from being able to do so? It's slighty more diplomatic and poiting in the right direction. And while Meyer worries about the clamoring to go to eight games and all the way up to 64 (sarcastically), I say I'm all for it. I'm all for eight, in time.

In a way I get it. Meyer has won himself two national championships in the current system. Going through an entire football season virtually unblemished and being tabbed one of the Top 2 teams in the end is an achievement. Yes, winning a spot in the game is an achievement let alone winning two.

Meyer also pointed to the current system not missing on the best team in college football since at least 2006. I can't argue with the dominance of the recent champions. But I can't see how a four-team playoff paves the way for a dog to win it.

"How many sports can say that," Meyer said. "I mean, we had our rival (Michigan) finish fourth in the Big Ten this year in basketball, and they wound up playing for the national championship."

Oh no! Urban going after the event I adore more than any -- The NCAA Tournament. For me there's no greater champion in sports than the team that survives the grueling six games of March Madness.

The thing that basketball provides is this. If there's even a shred of doubt that a team is capable of winning a title, that team will be in the field. We're never realisticaly talking about a team that got snubbed being able to win it all. But in football, there have been countles teams that people would agree may have been talented enough to win a title, but never even got a chance. And many of those teams had undefeated seasons.

I'm all in for the change. I think Urban will come around when he wins his first one.