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Will It Take Some Magic to Score an NBA Team?

Posted by Lori Schmidt May 15, 2013
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How friendly is former Lakers star Magic Johnson?

To keep him on schedule today, his handlers continually guided him down back hallways. To do otherwise, they knew, would have risked Johnson chatting up every passerby he came across.

Johnson is in town as part of the 2013 Black Enterprise Conference, which is going on through Saturday.

As one of the most prominent black entrepreneurs working today, he was here to speak about the challenges of starting a business.

As an NBA great, though, he couldn’t avoid questions about whether league might someday find a home in Columbus.

He was asked by ABC 6′s Clay Hall whether Mayor Michael Coleman, who has lobbied for a team in the past, has bent his ear on the topic.

“He hasn’t yet,” Johnson laughed before pointing out the man who has been driving him around the city has not been as reluctant to discuss the matter.

“I think that you’ve shown people, especially with your NHL team, that you will come out and support it,” Johnson then added. “I think an NBA team would do well here.”