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Can't Handle the Night Life

Posted by Lori Schmidt July 29, 2013
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Everyone from Ohio State’s Gene Smith to Michigan’s Brady Hoke and AD Dave Brandon have shot down the idea of making their rivalry game a night kick off.

Reasons given have ranged from weather to tradition, but Brandon may have spilled the beans on the real reason today when discussing another of the Wolverines’ rivals: Michigan State.

“We don’t think think it’s a good idea,” Brandon said, when asked about the possibility of hosting the Spartans under the lights. “From our perspective, the nature of that rivalry and the intensity of it, when you put that on in prime time and you give everybody all day long to gear up for it…that’s probably taking that a step further than it needs to go.”

You want night games? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE NIGHT GAMES.

“There’s plenty of excitement and plenty of high-pitched emotions associated with that game and I don’t think we need to kick it off at 8 p.m,” Brandon added, again speaking about Michigan State. “I don’t think that will add anything to it, and could potentially detract from it.”

Brandon’s point about the difficulty of improving on an already good game is well taken, and–outside perhaps Army/Navy–there is no better game than OSU/Michigan.

I personally like keeping the earlier kick time, but I know there are fans who don’t. And I’m absolutely positive those fans aren’t going to like being told that part of the concern is they might not behave.