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The Cavaliers want to succeed, but will they?

Posted by Tim Hall July 9, 2013
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The Cavaliers haven't had much success, if any since LeBron James took those talents to South Beach. Let's be honest. They've had no success at all. Nothing that comes close to it. The one good thing they did was draft Kyrie Irving with the No. 1 overall pick in 2011.

But fans have endured three dreadful seasons with a depleted roster. It's bad enough when Anderson Varejao is one of your best players and it's even worse when that player can't stay healthy for 30 percent of an NBA season.

It's frustrating. And Cavs fans seem to let you hear about it.

They hire Mike Brown. Terrible move.

They draft Anthony Bennett. Awful pick.

But give the Cavs credit for trying. It's not their fault they caught the coveted No. 1 overall pick in a draft class in which seemingly no one was worthy of being distinguised as a top pick. They tried shopping that pick, and to their credit they weren't going to give it up without getting a legitimate running-mate for Kyrie Irving. They tried for LaMarcus Aldridge. They tried for Kevin Love. Now they'll be held accountable for what Anthony Bennett becomes. Fans aren't really going to care about a weak 2013 draft class years for now if Bennett turns out to be a bust. They'll just remember having the No. 1 pick and how the Cavs threw it away.

Tuesday's news that the Cavs are offering a former All-Star center a two year deal tells you they're exploring every option to win now as opposed to later. Brining in Andrew Bynum is obviously a high risk-reward scenario. The dude with the wacked out hair didn't play at all last year for the Sixers. And from what I recall from his time in L.A. his personality isn't far off from Dwight Howard's, maybe a little worse. But he's a big man who averaged almost 19 points and 12 rebounds in his most recent season. It's only a two-year contract. It's still less risky then Greg Oden(a local favorite but a guy who hasn't played in the NBA in four years). And if it works out, and Kyrie Irving and Bynum turn into a dynamic duo it could make the Cavs push to persuade LeBron back to Ohio a bit easier. If nothing else they've still been clearing cap space to make it possible for a big-time player to join the fold in the future. 

That's wishful thinking for sure.

The Cavaliers may suck now. But they're trying. The problem is nothing short of LeBron walking through that door is going to put them in contention to win a title anytime soon. Not with what's going on elsewhere in the Eastern Conference.