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Four Little Monsters

Posted by Lori Schmidt August 22, 2013
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Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller knew he needed to improve as a leader, so he made sure to sit in the front row of coach Urban Meyer’s leadership classes.

“Biting my tongue isn’t going to make us better,” he told ESPN the Magazine in a piece that will come out in the September 2nd issue.

Among the other highlights of the article:

  • Asked to grade himself as a quarterback thus far, Miller gives himself a “C.”
  • However, at the same time, he admits that he’s thinking about the Heisman this season.
  • Finally, Braxton told the reporter that he hears “four little monsters” in his head, and the loudest of these is the one who talks to him about the Buckeyes chances to land in the BCS championship game.

To read about the other three little monsters and find out how Miller has changed his warm-up routine, click here.

One other Buckeye football note, and it relates to a survey done by Public Policy Polling.

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