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Meyer's thought on going undefeated

Posted by Tim Hall August 14, 2013
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Going undefeated once is tough. Going undefeated in consecutive seasons is, well, nearly impossible.

Just look at how good Miami's stretch was from 2000-2002. After an early loss to Washington in 2000 the Hurricanes didn't lose another game until the 2002 National Championship Game. We all know who they lost to in that one. That's a 34 game winning streak but it only resulted in one undefeated season.

You have to go back to the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 1994-95 to find the last team that went undefeated in consecutive seasons.

This isn't an attempt to temper expectations for this year's Buckeye football team because I believe all the hype is warranted. Just because something is rare doesn't mean it's impossible. Remember I said nearly impossible at the top of the page.

Tommy Tuberville, now the coach at Cincinnati, refered to every game of the season feeling like a playoff game. Even Urban Meyer seems to want to steer clear of talking about going undefeated:

"When I hear that word undefeated, I kind of cringe, because it normally doesn't happen," said Ohio State Urban Meyer, who also led Utah to a perfect mark in 2004. "Last year, there was one [team], and we were very fortunate. I don't want our players thinking about that."

And Brian Bennett points out in his ESPN article that since 2003, more teams with at least a loss have won the NCG than teams that went undefeated.

It'll make the Buckeyes quest this season an incredible accompishment, and around here you should be jacked up about the possibility.