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NFL, ESPN can make Monday Night Football better

Posted by Jeff Thitoff September 30, 2013
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Drew Brees & the Saints faceoff against the Dolphins on MNF.

Enjoy tonight, because next week is going to be far different           

When the NFL schedule gets released each spring, the first thing I check is the primetime games. These are supposed to be the marquee games and the ones we look forward to each week.

In 2006, the NFL implemented the “flex” scheduling option for the last seven weeks of the season. There are some rules in place, but the flex rule allows for matchups to be adjusted for the Sunday night games from weeks 11-7 to make sure there are intriguing games.

It helps. It’s a brilliant move.

But why stop there?

Tonight’s game features the undefeated Dolphins at the undefeated Saints. Must watch television.

Next week? The hapless Jets at the Falcons. No thanks.

Wouldn’t you rather see Detroit at Green Bay? Or Seattle at Indianapolis? The Broncos also visit Dallas next week.

The NFL should schedule ALL primetime games four or five weeks out. It would ensure better games and better ratings. Right now, they should decide the Monday night game for the 10th week of the season.

If they did that, we could spend that Monday night glued to Detroit at Chicago or Seattle at Atlanta.

Instead, we’ll be not watching Miami at Tampa Bay.