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TV station apologizes to UCLA and Jim Mora

Posted by Tim Hall September 13, 2013
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If you missed this from earlier this week do yourself a favor and watch what transpired at UCLA coach Jim Mora's press conference on Monday. Very early Sunday walk-on receiver Nick Pasquale was struck and killed by a car as he was walking in San Clemente. So you can imagine the Bruins' preparation for a difficult road test at Nebraska this week didn't get off on the right foot, at least emotionally.

And emotion is exactly what you see when Mora opens up his press conference speaking about losing one of their own. And you can understand how Mora totally loses it when he hears one media member at the press conference talking on his cell phone in the back of the room. Just watch. It heats up around the 1:25 mark:

Most people who cover press conferences on a regular basis are familiar with cell phone etiquette. It's pretty simple. Turn your ringer off. It's seems beyond the realm of possibilities that you would even need a rule that states, "And oh yeah...DON'T TALK ON YOUR PHONE EITHER."

The situation is worsened because of the subject matter Mora is discussing, and the fact that the guilty person told Mora to "Go on."

NBC4 felt it had to issue a public apology:

NBC4 wants to apologize for an incident that we caused Monday afternoon at the news conference with UCLA head coach Jim Mora.

As Mora was talking about the tragic passing of Nick Pasquale, one of our technicians was in the back of the press on the phone with our station.

It disrupted the coach. Understandably, Mora abruptly ended the news conference saying our technician was being disrespectful.

There is no excuse for this incident.

We deeply regret it and want to apologize to the Pasquale family, Mora and all of UCLA.

We are sorry.

That's about all you can do. What a bad mistake by that technician. Technical problems are understandable but the whole reason you're going to a press conference is to listen to the head coach. If you know you're going to be a distraction leave the room. It should be noted that Nebraska is making a nice move by wearing No. 13 decals on its helmets to honor Pasquale for Saturday's game in Lincoln.