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Strictly Business

Posted by Lori Schmidt October 9, 2013
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College football coaches are always recruiting, and almost everything is considered when making the pitch.

The message is carefully crafted. The outfits are specially chosen. No detail is overlooked.

Not even the business cards.

For instance, this year we've learned that Western Michigan's PJ Fleck is rocking the boat.

Rocking the Boat
Photo courtesy @kamanmj

Vanderbilt's James Franklin has a card that looks like it would get him into any night club in the country.

A Star at Vandy
Photo courtesy @VandyGold21

(Seriously, that's pretty boss, isn't it?)

Anyway, this all started me wondering what Urban Meyer's business card looks like. He's the head coach at Ohio State. His should at least glow in the dark, right?

Turns out, Meyer is pretty straightforward in this regard, although the card does unfold to reveal a nice little image of the Leader's Division title ring.

What a CardPhoto courtesy 97.1 The Fan / Clockwise from upper left: Card's front, back and insert

Which begs the question, if Meyer goes even farther this season, does this get an upgrade?