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The Tuesday Hangover: A look back at the week that was in fantasy football

Posted by Jeff Thitoff October 22, 2013
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The Tuesday Hangover:

A look back at the week that was in fantasy football


Last week's Monday Night football game was one for the ages, the return of Peyton Manning to Indy to face the new kid in town, Andrew Luck. There was high drama and an overflow of pregame hype as owner Irsay stoked the fires with ill-advised texts and comments. It was, in many ways, what Monday Night football is supposed to be.

Last night? Um, no. Not even close.

We were stuck watching Peyton Hillis after getting to watch Peyton Manning last week. Ugh.

Hillis and Rueben Randle were the offensive players that scored touchdowns. Not Adrian Peterson. Not Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz. Peyton Hillis outscored Adrian Peterson last night.

Josh Freeman looked awful and Greg Jennings was rightfully mad about it. He was targeted 10 times by Freeman and only finished with four receptions for 41 yards.

Maybe Freeman will look better in his second start with the Vikings. But I sure hope you aren't in a 32-team league and have to use him.

We lost some important fantasy players over the weekend as Reggie Wayne and Sam Bradford had ACL injuries, Doug Martin messed up his shoulder, Jay Cutler has an ouchie in his alleged man region and Jermichael Finley spent time in the ICU with a neck injury. 

In order those injuries are: good news for T.Y. Hilton and Heyward-Bey; bad news for all Rams offensive players; good news if you are desperate for a RB (Mike James will likely be the starter); bad news for Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery — and I am not going to make light of Finley's situation. Although, recently the Packers signed Jake Stoneburner off the practice squad.

I sure hope you listened to me when I told you Harry Douglas was worth grabbing. I've been beating that drum since Julio went down. 

Waiver wire pickups I recommend are Mike James, Percy Harvin (GET HIM), Rueben Randle (STILL TELLING YOU), Harry Douglas (PAY ATTENTION), Jordan Reed and Darrius Heyward-Bey. 

Lastly, here is my sneaky advice.

If you are 5-2, 6-1 or (gasp) 7-0 in a normal league, you are likely headed for the postseason. Find the desperate 2-5 owner in your league and go after his or her players that are good and on a bye this week or next. The Chargers are off this week - go buy Rivers or Gates on the cheap. The Broncos and Cardinals are off next week. Go get a receiver upgrade. Tell the other owner he or she SHOULD BE DESPERATE and needs a win.

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