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Buckeye Bullet Points: Illinois Preview

Posted by Lori Schmidt November 15, 2013
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Ohio State’s coach is more than a little bit aware of what awaits in Champaign this weekend.

And we also got to speak to OSU's players, as well as one of Meyer's assistants.

Would you like to know what WR Evan Spencer said *after* he made his famous, “wipe the field” comment? Well, here you go.

Jack Mewhort gave a very captain-like performance in his interview previewing the Illinois game.

Buckeye defensive back Corey Brown picked up some additional responsibilities when Christian Bryant was injured. How does he think he’s handled that?

OSU assistant Kerry Coombs discusses the progress of the Buckeye’s pass defense.

Finally, Joshua Perry has a lot of interesting things to say about the defensive line that he’s a part of. However, if what you want to be entertained, stick around to the end when he starts dishing out fashion advice!