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What's Fickell's Deal?

Posted by Lori Schmidt November 8, 2013
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Urban Meyer denies that assistant Luke Fickell interviewed for the Florida Atlantic head coaching position this week. "He better not have," he joked.

"There's absolutely no interviewing going on during this time," he added.

And it turns out that "during this time" is key as Fickell's contract specifically prohibits him from discussing other jobs at the moment.

“Coach agrees that he shall not, under any circumstances, discuss or negotiate directly or indirectly his prospective employment with any other institution of higher learning except between the final day of the regular football season and January 15th of each year in which this agreement is in effect. Coach agrees to provide the Head Coach and Director with written notice prior to engaging in such discussions or negotiations. It is particularly understood that on-going rumors or media reports of such negotiations are damaging to Team morale and recruiting, and therefore the parties expressly agree that time is of the essence as to the provisions of this Section 4.5, and that the same shall be strictly construed.

Coach shall not, under any circumstances accept employment as a coach at any other institution of higher learning or with any professional athletic team, requiring duties prior to the expiration of this agreement, without the prior written approval of the Director.”

Also of note, Fickell has a $30,000 buyout.