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Urban Meyer: Head Coach and Head of the Class

Posted by Lori Schmidt April 4, 2014
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Ohio State coach Urban Meyer doesn’t think the team’s culture is broken, but when he looks back at last year, “We didn’t finish the chase.”

In response, he’s stressing the principle of what he calls “unit leadership” and having his assistants attend classes taught by Tim Kight.

“When you go through those leadership things that we’re doing,” said tight ends coach Tim Hinton, “It makes you sit back, open your eyes and reflect on what you think your strengths are and what you think your weaknesses are. And, listen, when you’re in this competitive world, you’re never good enough.”

“What coach is doing with us as staff, and as men, in this offseason is remarkable,” agreed cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs.

The classes take place once or twice a week, and they are similar to those that OSU’s players sat through last year.

“We’ve got a real cool systematic approach to how we’re going to fix this thing,” said Meyer.