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The GIFs That Keep On Giving

Posted by Lori Schmidt June 18, 2014
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To celebrate the fact that Twitter is now allowing us to post animated .GIFs, we're sharing some of our favorites here. We'll start with this one, courtesy of @OhhSuzannah.

Urban's intensity has lent itself to a couple great GIFs actually.

Nobody can tackle Meyer's enthusiasm...although David Perkins has tried to tackle everything else in Scarlet and Gray, including the mascot.

Of course, at 97.1 The Fan, we love not only celebrating OSU's success, but mocking the rival's shortcomings.

Give Michigan some credit, though. I mean, they did produce one of greatest NFL quarterbacks of our time.

Maybe Tom Brady's teammates saw this .GIF?

Speaking of NFL quarterbacks who have moves to showcase, we're hoping Johnny Manziel has as much success with the Browns as with Texas A&M.

Okay, that didn't really happen, but this Jerome Simpson touchdown did.

He nailed the landing! Bret Bielema? Not so much.

Almost as funny as this crash landing...

One more time with mascot hijinks.

It's getting hot in here, so hold an Arty Party! Way to go, Dancing Kevin!

Dancing Kevin is almost as much of a fixture at Nationwide as Nick Foligno/Sergei BOB-ROV-SKY! bro hugs.

We also like Foligno for promising to score game-winning OT goals in playoff games against the Penguins...and then doing it.

So much smoother than that time Carlo Colaiacovo tripped Valtteri Filppula, and then suffered karmic justice by sliding face first into the camera.

Oh, yes. Karma. That reminds me, can we see that Bielema .GIF again?

NOOOOOOO! Not that one. My eyes! Oh, gosh! MY EYES!!!!